How does Slide work?

Slide can control one or two curtains at a time.

Watch the instruction below or scroll down for more info.

Slide can be installed on virtually any curtain.

Watch the animations below to see how it can fit your curtain!

On your curtain rails

Attaching Slide to your rails is a breeze:

  1. Replace your curtain toppers (at the end of your rails) with our special Slide Conncectors.
  2. Attach Slide to the Connector with the magnetic seal and thumbscrews (no tools required!).
  3. Connect the Slide Wire to the inner end(s) of your curtain(s) with the Slide Clip

All set and ready to go!

How about a rod?

On your curtain rod

Slide can fit any rod by attaching the mounting mechanism to the rod itself or the part which is attached to the wall. In case your curtains are hanging behind your curtains, we made sure Slide can be lowered to match your curtains.

There’s more!

Attach Slide directly to curtains or ceiling

To make sure we live up to our promise of a retrofit design, we are also adding Conncectors to clip Slide directly onto the curtains themselves, or to attach Slide to your ceiling using plugs and screws.

Be aware: exceptional cases where Slide doesn’t work

Limiting factors

Slide is an external device which pulls your curtains on the outside of the track. This means that Slide requires 5 centimeters (2 inches) of space in between your curtain system and the window or wall. However, if you mount Slide to the curtain fabric, it needs just 2,5 centimeters (1 inch) of space.

Unfortunately, Slide does not handle corners. Due to the external pulling mechanism, Slide needs a straight horizontal curtain line to work.